Reunion Goals: The Beginning 2016

Reunion Goals: The Beginning 2016

Also known as…….: 동창회의 목적: 더 비기닝 2016, dong-chang-ho-eui mol-jeol: deo bi-gi-ning 2016
Directed by : Jung Dae-man (정대만)
Cast Han Yeong-hoon (한영훈), Yoo Ji-won (유지원), Han Seol-hwa (한설화), Han Gyeol (한결),…

Are we dating? Even if I slept with her?
Is it alright for friends to sleep with each other?
Pretending not to know, pretending to know all the flirting going around.
The flirting goes on any time and at any place!
Today with this one, tomorrow with that one and who knows who the day after…

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Part 1
Part 2

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