Young Wife 2016

Young Wife 2016

Also known as…….: 어린 아내 2016, eo-lin a-nae 2016
Directed by : Hwa Ni (화니)
Cast Han Seol-hwa (한설화), Jeon Hae-ryong (전해룡), Jeong Yoon-I (정윤), Lee Yoo-chan (이유찬),…

A dangerous and thrilling encounter.

Jong-hwan’s friend’s daughter Seong-hye moves into his house. She messes up the house and drinks with her friends and even has sex with men in the house. One day, Jong-hwan ends up comforting Seong-hye who broke up with her boyfriend. They spend more time together and become dependent on each other. Afterwards, they fall for each other more than they should…

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Part 1
Part 2

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