Bed-rella 2016

Bed-rella 2016

Alternate Titles: 침대렐라 2016, chim-dae-lel-la 2016

Directed by : Choi Moo-yeon (최무연)
Cast Park Joo-bin (박주빈), Lee Chae-dam (이채담),…

Adult fairy tale VOL.1 Bed-rella!
It’s not only the shoe size that matters?!

Min-cheol goes down to the countryside to focus on the foundation project. He meets Gyu-ri, a scenario writer. They fall in love and spend a hot night together but the next day she disappears. Will he be able to find the ‘perfect size’?

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Part 1
Part 2

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  1. whats the name of the actress in black dress….can any one pls give the names of her other movies…one i found is “like father like son 2016”.

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