Young Sister-In-Law 2016

Young Sister-In-Law 2016

Alternate Titles: 어린 형수 2016, eo-lin hyeong-soo 2016
Directed by : Choi Woo-seong (최우성)
Cast Ye Na (예나), Do Mo-se (도모세), Si Hyeon (시현),…

Three men and women start living together. Byeong-soo (Do Mo-se) is chosen in a scenario contest and is picked to write a script for a movie, so he leaves the noisy city and moves in with his married senior from school. At the house is Ji-eun (Si Hyeon), the senior’s wife and a young and sexy Bo-yeong (Ye Na).

The three living together leads to some risky situations!

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Part 1
Part 2

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