Mountain Strawberries 3 (1987)

Mountain Strawberries 3 (1987)

Ok-su is selected as an angel to greet the dragon in a ritual happening in a mountain village. On the very day of the religious ceremony, she meets Mi-reuk and promises their life together. Ji-sang is in love with her while his sister Sa-wol is in love with Mi-reuk and Mi-reuk’s sister Keum-sun with Ji-sang. As the widower Han-chu tries to buy off Ok-su’s father to get his hands on Ok-su, Mi-reuk fights with Han-chu. Mi-reuk runs away with Ok-su being certain of Han-chu’s death until one day Ji-sang finds them and brings them back home.

Director: Kim Su-hyeong
Writer: Yoo Ji-hoeng
Cast: Seonu Il-ran,Ma Hung-sik,Kim Kuk-hyeon,Jang Mi-yeong,Moon Tai-sun See All

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