Good Sister in law 2015

Good Sister in law 2015

Alternate Titles: 착한 처제, Nice Sister-In-Law, chak-han cheo-je

Fantasy unstoppable desire for a sister-in-law brother-in-law loved! Doctors who succeeded triumphantly as therapist Xia Ying (V) is subjected to one day ask secret from her sister Shipper (yiseungchae). Brother-in-law that it Dominance (gangseongpil) refused to sleep in their own, unlike before. During the hypnosis of which are hayoungeun brother brother-in-law that can be treated with psychotherapy relationship the couple accept her sister’s favor is the fact that there is to know yourself, not having the desire to Xia Ying sister …

Directed by : Kang Hoon (강훈)
Cast Baek Da-eun (백다은), Kang Seong-pil (강성필), Lee Seung-chae (이승채),…

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