Enjoy the dot-com 2016

Enjoy the dot-com 2016

Movie Title: Enjoy the dot-com 2016 AKA 이웃동서
Director: 백수호
Stars: 허진우 손주영 이시안 윤설
Genres: Drama

(Google Translate)

Imagine a secret place that is reality!
Famous wonnait Cafe obvious tightening of the Internet
cafe has a reputable identity as a woman never unforgettable Having a bed once “foamed vitamins’ and men ID ‘Enzo’ are successful almost all members and wonnait have. They’ve never met each other are encountered in one day open cafe FRONTAL. ‘Enzo’ This is a seductive woman after a ryeotjiman eyes to go there is the temptation to intercepting she noticed that “Vitamin foam …

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