Lupin the Third AKA Rupan Sansei 1974

Lupin the Third AKA Rupan Sansei 1974

Directed by: Takashi Tsuboshima

Actors: Yuki Meguro, Eiko Ezaki, Maria Anzai

Country: Japan

Also known as: Rupan Sansei: Nenriki chin sakusen, Lupin III – La strana strategia psicocinetica

Description: Lupin is besotted by a beautiful but treacherous thief and even helps her escape only to get the dump. His life is further complicated with his father’s partner wanting him to take over the Lupin Empire. Meanwhile, he meets the thief once again, who this time promises him a worthy reward should he help her in her thieving schemes. Decision time beckons for Lupin who also has an obsessed detective on his trail.

“The grandson of the famous thief-a gentleman of the early XX century, Lupin the Third, which in honor of his grandfather called Arsene may not be as cool and elegant as his aristocratic ancestor, but he compensates for this with plenty of clever little machines and fantastic luck.”

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