The boy made in Japan 1985 Nippon sei shônen

The boy made in Japan 1985 Nippon sei shônen

Directed by: Ataru Oikawa

Actors: Mikio Ohsawa, Kaori Shimada

Country: Japan

Also known as: The boy made in Japan

Description: Yamato Tanaka (Mikio Osawa), who” attempted to murder his father” in the past, used to work as a janitor in a theme park. Now unemployed, Yamato lives in a very humble apartment room. He lost his family by the crime he committed with the urge he himself couldn’t and even now can explain. He has nowhere to go, and becomes isolated in the big city. His continuous job search is unsuccessful, and one day he meets a young girl Kaoru (Kaori Shimada) who is passing out advertisement packaged with free tissue to the crowd at a train station. He aggressively gets involved with her. The two immediately feel the mutual isolation and desperation within themselves. Kaoru suffers from cardiopathy and has a pacemaker in her body. According to her, the battery will run out soon. Yamato goes to her office with her, and finds out that their “real business” is prostitution and drug dealing. These are youngsters with no purpose in their lives, symbolizing the Japanese society which passed the post-war economic peak period. Yamato and Kaoru go down the road of destruction, being sucked into the deep, dark ditch of society. Filling the screen images both stark and surreal, director Ataru Oikawa draws an unadulterated portrait of youth.

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