Cat’s Eye 1997

Cat’s Eye 1997

Directed by: Kaizo Hayashi

Actors: Yuki Uchida, Izumi Inamori, Norika Fujiwara

Country: Japan

Also known as: Not Available

Description: In Japan, a trio of thieves called Cat’s Eye happens to be steeling priceless works of art from all over Japan. Detective Hoshio is assigned to capture these three ladies, but he has however to quit them.Little does he relies that his girlfriend, Hitomi, is a known member of Cat’s Eye as it is her elder sister Rui, and more youthful sister Ai. He’s also not aware that the coffee house they possess is the secret lair. He does not even comprehend that the paintings were carried out by their particular daddy, who had been abducted by Chinese Tong people. It appears as though Hoshio has actually a long solution to go before he grabs all of them. Problem is, he won’t marry Hitomi until he does.t the same time, the Chinese Mafia arrives in Japan, trying to eliminate who ever before has been stealing the fine art from their associates. Their leader Miss Wong, is a psycho with the ability to alter her type at might. She understands just who Cat’s Eye really is, and she has a clever trap for all of them.With the aid of Interpol detective Mitsuko, Cat’s Eye is closer to locating on concerning the truth about their particular dads disappearance, additionally the genuine key behind skip Wong’s energy. Will Cat’s Eye prevail?

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