The Black Angel 2 1999 Kuro No Tenshi 2

The Black Angel 2 1999 Kuro No Tenshi 2

Directed by: Takashi Ishii

Actors: Yûki Amami, Takeshi Yamato, Reiko Kataoka

Country: Japan

Also known as: Black Angel Vol.2 , Black Angel 2


Hit girl Mayo, nicknamed “Black angel” is returned. She receives an order to murder Yazaki heads the powerful “family” of the Yakuza. But who could predict that one of the bodyguards will be the victim Yamabe, who many years ago, when Mayo became a Black Angel, saved her from rape?

Mayo mescal with a shot, and Yamabe smertelnaya a passerby. But no matter what, “Black angel” must execute the order, the bodyguard is to protect the boss, and the wife of the murdered to revenge the murderer…

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