The Black Angel 1998 Kuro no tenshi

The Black Angel 1998 Kuro no tenshi

Directed by: Takashi Ishii

Actors: Riona Hazuki, Reiko Takashima, Jinpachi Nezu

Country: Japan

Also known as: Black angel, The Black Angel , A fekete Angyal

The eyes of six-year-old Ikko, the daughter of the Yakuza boss, were brutally murdered her father and mother. She also had to share their parents ‘ fate, but thanks to a mysterious female killer nicknamed “the Black angel” ICCO manages to elude the killers. The girl trafficked in the United States, where it is nurtured under the supervision of the American Yakuza. And when she turns 20, she returns to Japan to avenge the killers of his parents. Now her name is “Black angel”…

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