Female Ninjas – Magic Chronicles 7 1998

Female Ninjas – Magic Chronicles 7 1998

Directed by: Hitoshi Ozawa

Actors: Ryûshi Mizukami, Yûko Moriyama, Hitoshi Ozawa

Country: Japan

Also known as: Kunoichi Lady Ninja, Kunoichi’s Book of Ninja Arts: Yagyu’s Side Story, the Hell Chapter – Edo’s Flowers

Description: Yuko Moriyama stars in this ninja period piece as one of seven women determined to exact revenge on the evil lord Akinari Katou and “The 7 Spears”, the band of soldiers he commands. Trained assassins and skilled in sorcery, these men took over the Aizu prefecture and took its most beautiful young women as concubines. When they left, they left behind seven daughters, who have now sought out the sword-master Jyubei Yagyuu to help them discover their own power so that they exact their own revenge.

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