All Night Long 3 (1996)

All Night Long 3 (1996)

Directed by: Katsuya Matsumura

Actors: Yûjin Kitagawa, Ryôka Yuzuki, Tomorowo Taguchi

Country: Japan

Also known as: Ooru naito ronga 3: Sanji, All Night Long 3: The Final Chapter, Final Atrocity

Description: Katsuya Matsumura’s “All Night Long 3” is pretty much on the same level with “All Night Long 2″(1995),and has the most pessimistic tone of the whole series as it suggests that humans are nothing but filth and rubbish.Kikuo is a Japanese boy who works in a sleazy hotel where men bring women for sex.One day he takes bag which contains a woman’s personal items that she has thrown away.Becoming increasingly interested,he starts obsessively collecting her refuse.”All Night Long 3” is by far the most extreme of the three films and the hardest to watch.The violence is extremely graphic in this part and comes sudden and shocking to hit the viewer numb.Some scenes like a brutal torture,murder and dismemberment of a young Japanese girl are truly sickening.All in all if you liked the first two “All Night Long” films give this one a look.Recommended! ~ IMDB1

The 3rd installment of the now “infamous” ALL NIGHT LONG trilogy, THE FINAL CHAPTER, is also a very decent film. Part 1 of the series was kinda slow and not too “shocking”, but ATROCITY (part 2) and THE FINAL CHAPTER really stepped things up a notch. Although THE FINAL CHAPTER may not be quite as bloody as ATROCITY, this one is far more psychologically whacked-out, and really extends the idea of alienation and social outcast-ism to the highest level. A semi-retarded kid that works in a “by-the-hour” hotel becomes obsessed with a cute grocery store worker. He begins digging in her trash and decorating his room with her discarded personal items, including her used tampons and maxi-pads. Needless to say this kid is a f**ked up freak. Like part 1 of the series, there are a few plot lines that are unnecessary, like the retarded girl that keeps getting abused by everyone for no apparent reason in the beginning of the film, then just disappears after the first 20 or so minutes…but even so, the gradual decline of this kid into utter insanity and obsession is interesting and powerful to watch. There are definitely some “rough” scenes, the rape, kidnap, torture and dismemberment of our main character’s “surogate” obsessee is pretty hard-core. The ending is appropriately gory and distasteful – and extremely downbeat and hopeless. I feel that THE FINAL CHAPTER is the strongest in terms of being psychologically disturbing, but still has a few minor faults in the story-telling. ATROCITY (part 2) is sleaker and gorier, but not as “deep”. I definitely like both of the sequels better than Part 1, but I can’t honestly say which of the second 2 films I like better. Both are good and definitely worth checking out, especially if you’ve only seen Part 1 and walked away disappointed. Altogether, the ALL NIGHT LONG trilogy is pretty strong viewing and absolutely not for the casual movie-goer. Those of us out there that seek out extreme “shock-cinema” will be pleasantly surprised. Recommended 8.5/10 ~ IMDB2

All Night Long 3 is a pretty satisfying shock thriller from Japan and has no ties to the first two entries in the series other than its deplorably sleazy content. This one’s my personal favorite, though. Kiku is a hotel room cleaner that likes to collect a certain girl’s trash (Hitomi Nomura). Now when I say he collects her trash, he is chiefly concerned with the collection of her maxi-pads and such–the icky stuff in other words. Well, one thing leads to another and before ya know it he has one of Hitomi’s friends captive in his apartment after collecting her ass from a junkyard where she was raped by three coworkers of Kiku (one being a retarded kid who urinates in the raped girl’s hair). Then it’s pretty much all downhill from there. If you love sleaze and good ol’ fashioned nastiness, by all means check this film out. It does not disappoint. It’s chock-a-block full of sexual violence and scumminess. Highly recommended–9/10. ~ IMDB3

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