Watashi no dorei ni narinasai 2012

Watashi no dorei ni narinasai 2012

Directed by: Tôru Kamei

Actors: Mitsu Dan, Itsuji Itao, Hiroaki Mayama

Country: Japan

Also known as: Be My Slave


Be My Slave is a sexually-themed Japanese film directed by Toru Kamei and based on a novel by Shu Satami. In the Hiroaki, movie Mayama plays a publishing business worker who’s attracted to his senior coworker Kana (Mitsu Dan), a girl who appears to have nice, clean picture while also providing straight down a particular environment of secret. After a number of unsuccessful efforts to strike on the, he all of a sudden gets an unexpected text message from her bluntly saying “Let’s have sex tonight”. He wonders what brought this on so abruptly, nevertheless the opportunity to be with an unattainable female drives him to show up at the woman home. Nevertheless, when he shows up, he finds a dubious witnesses and DVD the shocking intimate life she’s been leading in secret-one that he will quickly become a part of himself.

Gravure model Dan Mitsu has been making headlines for her willingness to press the border of her sexy persona. Today, she helps make the woman provocative purpose film debut with stay our Slave, an edgy erotic crisis based on a common novel regarding the crucial fetishes of urbanites. Dan Mitsu stars as Kana, a female worker at a posting business who strikes up a personal link with a more youthful co-worker (Mayama Akihiro). He soon discovers that Kana’s fetishes stretch to sadomasochistic tendencies, concerning a mystical guy just understood as “Sensei” (Itao Itsuji). This breakthrough will press his link with Kana to dangerous, brand new level that he might not be ready for.

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