Stray Cat Rock: Beat ’71 (1971)

Stray Cat Rock: Beat ’71 (1971)

AKA: Crazy Rider ’71 / 野良猫ロック 暴走集団’71
Link: Midnight Eye feature on the series

Director: Toshiya Fujita
Writer: Tatsuya Asai, Hideichi Nagahara
Genre: Action / Comedy / Exploitation
Country: Japan
Source: Arrow Video UK Stray Cat Rock Collection (My own disc for once)

Synopsis: Furiko (Meiko Kaji) and Ryumei lived quietly in a commune in Shinjuku. They were a young couple in love. In disagreement with society’s rules, they lead a bohemian hippie life style. When Ryumei’s father, a powerful politician, orders a local bike gang to ambush his son’s trailer, Ryumei ends up stabbing one of the bikers to death in attempt to protect Furiko. He is abducted from the crime scene by his father and Furiko is left behind with a bloody knife in her hand. Just then, the police arrive to the scene.

Uploader’s Comments: Fujita closes the series with a, for me, very disappointing entry. Kaji’s character in particular is so underwhelming that it would’ve been better to just cast someone else. But, even though I don’t recommend it, I’m sure this could appeal to others. If you’ve watched the others, you might as well check this one out too.

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