Groper Train Wedding Capriccio 1984

Groper Train Wedding Capriccio 1984

Directed by: Yôjirô Takita

Actors: Yukijirô Hotaru, Yutaka Ikejima, Yoshimi Kai

Language: Japanese

Country: JAPAN

Also known as: Chikan densha: Chinchin hassha,Molester Train 24,Molester Train: Departure Whistle,Groper Train: Wedding Capriccio,Molester Train: Wedding Capriccio


The world’s greatest detective, Kuroda, is right back and this time employed by a politico to discover his estranged daughter. When the daughter is discovered dead, the mystery deepens. Meanwhile, Kuroda’s assistant attempts to stop her organized wedding to a hick by shacking-up with a musician whom writes symphonies on his calculator — whenever he’s not groping females on the Tokyo trains!

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