Keiko Sensei no Yugana Seikatsu 2013

Keiko Sensei no Yugana Seikatsu 2013

Keiko Sensei no Yugana Seikatsu 2013
Info: Keiko Sensei no Yugana Seikatsu (2013) DVDRip Japan Movie
Release Date: April 03, 2013 (Japan)
Ratings: N/A
Stars: N/A

Keiko has been a teacher of languages ​​in high school, a friendly personality, but it keeps on licked the student whether it be evil. Every day and not those who hear the decent classes, be mounted a terrible trick. Graffiti until it is “K child The Screw!” And the toilet to top it off. Be kneeling down on the ground to the boys that Toda suddenly One day, Keiko. Clippers you have said, “! Please let done”, he does not attempt to raise the face. The laughter you hear from somewhere, Keiko notice that planted the mischief once again. Toda seems to have been forced to students of different apparently. The boundary the day this? Do not you’re involved in a bullying, Keiko’s begin to care about him Toda, but such Keiko also actually had the solitude and secrets that can not be said to a person. Over time, it is he slide into developing into big fuss involving school.

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