What‘s Going on with My Sister 2014

What‘s Going on with My Sister 2014

Title: What‘s Going on with My Sister
AKA: Recently, My Sister is Unusual / 最近、妹のようすがちょっとおかしいんだが。
Genre: Comedy | Fantasy | Romance
Director: Yuki Aoyama
Country: Japan

Tenka Hashimoto – Mitsuki Kanzaki
Yukichi Kobayashi‎ – Yuya Kanzaki
Mayu – Hiyori
Mika Yano
Reiko Hayama

Mitsuki (Tenka Hashimoto) and Yuya (Yukichi Kobayashi) become stepsister and stepbrother because of their parents’ marriage. Mitsuki can’t get along with her new family and Yuya doesn’t know how to approach his new stepsister. One day, Mitsuki becomes possessed by the spirit of Hiyori (Mayu).

Hiyori likes Yuya and believes Yuya can help her get to heaven. Hiyori places a leather chastity belt upon on Mitsuki and a plan takes place to help send Hiyori to heaven.

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