Dead Prison Women Hunting 2011

Dead Prison Women Hunting 2011

Directed by: Tetsuya Takehora

Actors: Amber Uta, Shogo Moriyama, Takeshi Iwaya, YOSHI, Akari Hoshi, Act Yasukawa

Country: Japan

Description: No IMDB on this, because the best I could find, even when typing the kanji name were a few reviews and some jaded at best details. This one is solely in Japanese.. But you really don’t need to speak Japanese to be able to understand it or follow the plot. Lot of sex, lot of violence. Basic plot is a bunch of girls are sent to an island, think of Alcatraz, only more Japanese and more brutal beatings.. And only for women. It’s a fun, and at times terribly violent film from the land of the rising sun. I stumbled across this last night while looking for something else.

I’m calling this one an exploitation movie, but could go several ways, because there’s a lot of gore at times.. But it’s also got a fair amount of sexploitation. A bit action, bit horror, bit pinky.. All around fun though. Who doesn’t like violence with their sex? Prudes, that’s who!

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