Double Kanna 1 2012

Double Kanna 1 2012

Director: Tomomatsu Naoyuki
Production: Akihiro Ito
Producer: Masuko Kyoichi
Original: Nine parts 玖凛
Screenplay: Tomomatsu Naoyuki
Cast: Yuuki Makoto, Yuzu this Saki, Koda Rinashi , Real goose bumps

Google Translation:

Utsugi Masato came up to Tokyo to become a professional photographer to rely the Eguchi is a senior in the photo section. Masato you get to the studio to rely on address taught. It was the middle of gravure shoot there. early to get people, Masato to perform odd jobs. Hustle and bustle is heard from certain door. Canna was standing in front of the door that was opened with great force was (Yuuki Makoto).Masato canna help the flow. I would cause an uproar for that. If you go to the house of (citron this Saki) ring Nana cousin by being Uchihishiga, was are there Kanna … there



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