A Woman Bought In An Auction 2013

A Woman Bought In An Auction 2013

Japanese Title: 3000 man de Rakusatsu Sareta Onna
English Title: A Woman Bought In An Auction
Director: Koichi Chizuka
Cast: Emiri Okazaki / Kazuto Saito / Kaede Oshiro


Screwed woman CEO trapped in a world of unimaginable extreme sexual assault.

Asami Sugimoto is an industrialist who’s expanded business on a global scale, with her talent as a designer. To further expand her business, she was trying to get a huge investment from a man named Iwasaki. However, Asami had another side to her. She detested men. Her recent ugly divorce fiasco made her hate all men in general, except for her secretary Ryuichi Yagami. He was the only one she opened up to, mind and body. Asami had many rivals. But Yumiko was the outstandingly abnormal one. Her sense of rivalry towards Asami had a feel of craziness. One day, Asami finds out the sponsor money transferred from investor Iwasaki, had been totally stolen. Overnight, Asami goes into a large scale debt and she gives herself up for investment as a “bodyfund.” The bell rings cruelly as she gets sold.

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