Caress of the Vampire 2 1996

Caress of the Vampire 2 1996

Directed by: The People of Severed Lips Recordings

Actors: Matthew Ike Angel, William Hellfire, Ruby Honeycat

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Caress of the Vampire 2: Teenage Foot Ghoul a Go-Go

Description: Billy the Vampire turns a young woman into a lustful vampire in order to turn her into a rock star in a bizarre plan that seems to have no other purpose than that.

Without a real plot, but with the “actors” seemingly having a lot of fun running around in bad costumes, the movie goes on with scenes of female nudity and feet fetish.

It is worth a watch just to see how bad it all gets and take a few laughs.

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  1. Hi admin…can u please upload this movie here Gungala la Vergine della Giungla 1967/ Gungala virgin of the jungle 1967…I search this movie but can’t get any links….please upload here..Thank You

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