Journey Into Solitude 1972

Journey Into Solitude 1972

Journey into solitude

a.k.a. 旅の重さ

Genre: Drama / Road movie
Distributor: SHV
Year: 1972
Country: Japan
Director: Koichi Saito

Yôko Takahashi as A girl ( “me” )
Etsushi Takahashi as Daizo Kimura
Kyôko Kishida as Mama, the girl’s mother
Rentarô Mikuni as Kunitaro Matsuda
Hideo Sunazuka
Rie Yokoyama


Bored with her school life, a 16-year-old student leaves home to take a trip along the Pacific Ocean. After meeting with a theatre group she falls sick and is rescued by a fisherman with who she shares her life with.

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