Bloodbath at Pinky High – Part II (2012)

Bloodbath at Pinky High – Part II (2012)

Also known as: Joshi Kosei Boryoku Kyoshitsu, Joshi Kosei Boryoku Kyoshitsu Mesu Bachi No Fukushuu
Year: 2012
Country: Japanese
Directed by: Toshiya Kominami
Duration: 70 – 82 mins
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English (embedded)

Kominami Toshiya
Hoshimi Rika
Asahina Akari

High school girl, green was the leader of a female gang fight galore, of losing knowing since I was a kid, but it was unrelated to dominate the Academy as “Oniyakko-kai”. Led by Ranko, Oniyakko-kai had to mediation as a “toy” to the president and principal of a high school girl in the back. By attacked by a principal, helped HARUE that has ran for his life from the demon guy Association, green day is made to wind up have a one-on-one battle and Ranko.

HijiriJunon’na school, there is a woman that school delinquents proud of the national minimum deviation gather. for school management had led a powerful pipe and underworld, police do not move me at all to any disaster in the school. Moreover, the Gyujiri the school in the name of the student council, and waged torture, gang rape, prostitution, a Seizetsu Lynch, poor group of bills with calling himself “Oniyakko-kai” is, can be a risk factor for on-campus I was raised to one and all the victimization Sukeban us.

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