Missing 44: The Final Stage 2010

Missing 44: The Final Stage 2010

Directed by: Yasushi Koshizaka

Actors: Ruby Aiba, Mirei Asaoka and Tsubasa Haruya

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Also known as: Misshingu 44: Za fainaru sutêji

Description: Is this movie a bit confusing….Well, here is the plot: The mysterious “school” is abducted, trained as a high school girl in Miho slavery. She’s unsold at auction, the “disposition” to be saved just before the man named Yamamoto. Yamamoto is looking for a boyfriend who disappeared, he was scouting trafficking organizations. On the other hand, was bought at auction Izumi Asuka, who is also Saki, he spent every day of hell as a guest Toys unnatural. Yamamoto, kidnapped the buyer of the winning Izumi Arikawa. That threaten the organization, and they caught the strategy backfired with Miho. Miho basement of the school gathered again in the place of execution, Yamamoto, Izumi five people, would show the contestants are murderous high-current relay rod from the net. To survive, or kill my friends? It’s…The final game …. Have fun…LOL

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