The New Metropolitan Police Branch 82 (1998)

The New Metropolitan Police Branch 82 (1998)

Directed by: Tooru Shinohara

Actors: Chieko Shiratori, Tomomi Kuribayashi, Keiji Matsuda

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Also known as: Shin wani bunsho


Two mismatched police women are assigned to guard and observe a released prisoner who has connections with a women-only gang who are suspected of counterfeiting.

Women with guns and without underwear – A pretty good soft sexploitation actioner.

The opening scene makes rather clear the sort of movie this is, and whether or not you’ll want to continue to view. The two fem cops are escorting a prisoner in an elevator. The home opens, as well as the prisoner’s gang confront them. The cops are forced to drop their tools and then their clothes. The younger policewoman saves the time by dropping a weapon from a concealed spot (imagine where ?!).

This might be pretty much a formula work, but is rather pleasurable nevertheless. Sticking to the formula calls for any girls-with-guns movie to include bitching between the at-least-good-looking scenes, fems where they get some or all of the gear off, some gunplay, action and sex scenes, and of course the girls humiliating the guys. This one delivers on all these items. The only frustration, though a predictable one, is the clever and pointed avoidance of full frontal nudity. The top three actresses (being two the villainess and cops) are all shown completely naked, but their scenes are shot in such a way as to only just stay away from showing any below-the-waist triangles. Pity.

Mika is sour-faced and mean-tempered cop who makes a point of smoking cigarettes in non-smoking areas. She’s given a brand new partner, Lin, a pleasant scatterbrain who pays interest to small else but the girl walkman. The unavoidable conflict provides a lot of the plot and a number of the humour. There’s enough gunplay and action to hold attention, though we think there could have been more. Likewise, we think there had been only 4 scenes where the gals got some or all of the gear down, and there was plenty of opportunity for a lot more nudity.

That said, the naughty moments had been pretty great. The scene where Mika does weight training putting on just her knickers was a ripper. An assassinator doing work for the villainess breaks in a brings a weapon on the girl. She provides to eliminate her knickers and, therefore sidetracked for about half a second, the gunman fails to see the spinkick until he’s on the floor and getting a really close look at her great bit.

There’s additionally a running gag about a bullet-proof vest for Mika. That getting, is one that fits a C-cup. Recommended silly fun.

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