True Story of a Woman Condemned: Sex Hell 1975

True Story of a Woman Condemned: Sex Hell 1975

Directed by: Koyu Ohara

Actors: Hitomi Kozue, Meika Seri, Maya Hiromi, Rie Ozawa, Tatsuya Hamaguchi, Machiko Aoki, Akira Takahashi, Kôji Yashiro, Chika Kano

Country: Japan

Also known as: Jitsuroku onna kanbetsusho: sei-jigoku, True Story of a Woman in Jail: Sex Hell, Sex Hell

Description: Sex Hell is the product of what happens when Japan’s oldest film studio, Nikkatsu, (most recognized for their Roman Porno and Pinku Eiga) decide to have a stab at the Women In Prison genre. Koyu Ohara, director of the legendarily elusive Zoom Up: Rape Site and various other pink films (Wet & Rope, Fairy in a Cage, Then Everybody Gets Raped) was tapped to direct. The result is basically a mediocre equivalent to any of Toei’s Female Prisoner Scorpion films.

In the opening scenes a busload of inmates are being driven to a reformatory, the bus pulls over and a handcuffed inmate quickly hops out to urinate in the grass (cue sleazy close-up). When the new prisoners arrive at the prison they are subjected to the prison doctor’s sordid gynecological examinations then given uniforms and explained the prison rules. We are soon introduced to Mayumi (Hitomi Kozue) who is incarcerated for the murder of her boyfriend’s mistress and she doesn’t want to play by the inmate ringleader Hiromi’s rules, for which she is held down and treated to a golden shower facial.

After ample amount of lesbian encounters, cat fights, clay dildo masturbation and a rather messy forced-miscarriage, Hiromi organizes an escape for herself and her lesbo-lover which involves an ex-con on the outside throwing a skeleton key over the wall which her lover is supposed to retrieve and smuggle into her cell. Although on the way back to lockup everyone is subject to a body cavity search from the guards so on a whim Mayumi takes the key and hides it in her bloody tampon (yes, you read that right).

After seducing a guard Mayumi escapes from her cell and together with her former rival Hiromi they set a fire in the prison, causing a diversion which allows them to make a break for freedom. Finally free, Hiromi excitedly goes home to see her man, only to discover him in bed with some young whore, she pulls a knife but decides against it and in return is stabbed to death along with her boyfriend by the young slut. Mayumi also returns to her boyfriend but with revenge on her mind, she fatally stabs him, and as the credits roll we see her once again in cuffs riding a prison-bound bus.

The film was a hit for Nikkatsu and 2 sequels also directed by Ohara and starring Hitomi Kozue (who also sings the films title track) – True Story of Woman Condemned Continues and New True Story of Woman Condemned to Hell – were produced within the following 4 months. Ultimately this is a pretty typical WIP entry and there’s really nothing here that fans of the genre haven’t seen before. Although still worth a look to Pinky Violence fans and WIP completists.

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