True Story of a Woman Condemned Continues 1975

True Story of a Woman Condemned Continues 1975

Directed by: Koyu Ohara

Actors: Machiko Aoki, Mihoko Arikawa, Hitomi Kozue, Kumi Natsuki, Akiko Yoshii, Kenji Shimamura

Country: Japan

Also known as: Zoku jitsuroku onna kanbetsusho

Description: Here’s another rare WIP flick without subtitles. But who really needs em’ with this Ultra sleazefest. From director of Lady Caligula in Tokyo

As you can understand, this is the second movie in a sequel which picks up right where the first one left off. “True Story of a Woman Condemned: Sex Hell” was released in the beginning of 1975, and this one has appeared just 3 months after that. The film is about new and more devious tortures for the lead character Hitomi Kozue and her female fellows to endure. Although the prison has gotten a few improvements since the last film, you will realize you’ve never seen the women sodomized like that before – they even used a plant! You will see the row of red lit pussy washing fountains which the prisoners would have to straddle naked and then waddle across to get their privates clean. Among other recognizable moments there is naked bathtub catfight with the losers getting a mouthful of piss, and even a dildo gang rape. This can also be coupled with seeing how a good girl con gets her stuff ripped off and has a plant shoved up her twat. Everything is topped with a full scale riot and forced miscarriage like the one in the first movie.

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