Queen Bee Honey 2001

Queen Bee Honey 2001

Directed by: Takao Nakano

Actors: Kazumi Hiraishi, Kan’ichi Hiraga and Yôko Satomi

Country: Japan

Also known as: Bikyonyuu kosupure senshi: Kuinbii Hanii, Bikyonyuu kosupure senshi: Queen bee honey

Description: This is another masterpiece by Takao Nakano. A sort of mix of Ed Wood and Russ Meyer. The story ? Well, just a sort of parody of the famous manga/anime “Cutie Honey”. If you have liked L.E.G.S, if think that this one will give to you a big big moment of pleasure. No english subs ? Really, I assure you that it doesn’t matter at all.

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