Toriko: Eyes of a Rapist 1995

Toriko: Eyes of a Rapist 1995

Directed by: Masahide Kuwabara

Actors: N/A

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Also known as: Toriko: Eyes of a Rapist

Description: A serial rapist/murderer is on the loose and the cops can’t seem to nab him. With his latest victim he changes up his M.O. slightly, as he seems to fall for her after their “encounter”, and decides not to kill her. Unfortunately for the woman involved (who had been gang-raped previously), the rapist takes a “liking” to her and comes back to rape her repeatedly, causing much distress and eventually confusion for the young lady – all the while the cops are unable to stop the lunatic…

TORIKO: EYES OF A RAPIST is yet another in a long line of rape-themed film directed by Masahide Kuwabara (Zero Woman: Assassin Lovers) that comes from the island-nation – let me just say Thank God for Japan and it’s pinku film scene. The sheer ballsy Un-PCness of their film-making is a refreshing change from the typical mainstream crap that I see from over here in the States. This film is another that has no English subs/dubs – so any errors in what I gathered from the plot are purely due to lack of translation…

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