Inferno of torture 1969

Inferno of torture 1969

Directed by: Teruo Ishii

Actors: Mieko Fujimoto, Reiichi Hatanaka and Yukie Kagawa

Language: Japanese

Country: Japanese

Also known as: Tokugawa irezumi-shi: Seme jigoku, Hell’s Tattooers, L’enfer des tortures, Tokugawa II – Das Freudenhaus von Nagasaki


In Nineteenth Century Japan, various ladies are forced into prostitution in a certain brothel. Here, they’re raped, tortured, and abused, and the human body of each is covered with elaborate tattoos. The musicians creating these, at the same time, participate in a competition to display their skills, which is to be judged by the Shogun. Unfortunately, rivalries amongst these guys, together with the ambitions and greed of the owners of the brothel, lead to murders, attempts to offer women into sexual slavery, and other crimes besides these.

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