Black Snow AKA Kuroi yuki 1965

Black Snow AKA Kuroi yuki 1965

Directed by: Tetsuji Takechi

Actors: Chojuro Hanakawa, Kotobuki Hananomoto and Akira Ishihama

Country: Japan

Also known as: Kuroi yuki


Credits roll over a fixed chance of a prostitute, lying susceptible on her back with all of the aloofness of Manet’s nothing and Olympia but the prostrate figure of a hulking black colored American GI stretched over her to mask her nudity. As the camera gradually pans along her bare flank, she raises her arm above her head to show a heavy thicket of underarm locks. Provocative material in a nation where in actuality the one genuine taboo into the intimate arena is the onscreen portrayal of pubic hair, but it wasn’t this scene which landed its director in court for Japanese cinema’s first obscenity demo. As the screaming audio of jet planes which take over the sound recording of the brazen opening might suggest, Black Snow’s subversion goes beyond the mere carnal. The 4th film of Tetsuji Takechi is a flagrant piece of anti-Americanism, made at a time whenever pupils had been taking to the roads in droves to protest against the revival of this US protection Treaty. Establish in a ramshackle prefab brothel lying in the penumbra of this Yokota Airbase, Black Snow tells the tale of a disturbed childhood that, after spying on his mom with a black colored serviceman, discovers himself unable to achieve sexual arousal unless fondling a loaded pistol. Later that night, he murders and stabs the GI before working amok through the building and lastly slaying his mom. Carted down by the military police, the movie comes to an end as he is gunned down by a firing squad..

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