Battle Atlantice 2013

Battle Atlantice 2013

English Title: Battle Atlantice
Date: Sept 2013
Genre: Romance, Youth, ?Action?
Location: Beijing, China

The Aso Greek movie “Armageddon Ocean”, the theme from the machine front mobile phone game “Battle of the ocean.” Aso hope will serve as the “Battle of the ocean” movie actress, this is the first shot Aso Greek mobile games themed movies, fee of up to seven numbers. Producers Eloquent specifically tailored for the Aso hope the script and role of film production also cost millions. Play, will be played by a Greek Aso from the historic battleship Yamato evolved amazing woman, and she will also work with a series of legendary actor’s story.
Aso was named the 2012 SOD Greek actress first, she and most of the actress is different, Aso graduated from the Greek name of the door in Yokohama, Japan Women’s University area, but also for the piano quite accomplished. Pure, beautiful and quite temperament, Aso Greek, with a high popularity in Asia, it also allows her by domestic fans of all ages. And the movie “Armageddon Ocean” and the message have led to a lot of fans attention.
“Battle of the ocean” is the machine front Entertainment Division’s second film production, film distribution and guava same media cooperation. Since joining the Greek Aso, I believe the film will get released when the red door.

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