More wonderful night than usual 2010

More wonderful night than usual 2010

AKA: いつもより素敵な夜に
Itsumo yori sutekina yoru ni
Country: Japan
Genres: Drama, Erotic
Director: Nobuhisa Kodama
Cast: KOMATSU Miyuki, KAWAGUCHI Takahiro, AYANO, OOISHI Takayuki, AWAJI Keiko

Plot: An entry in a series focused on “love” and “erotica,” in which six creators from multiple fields — from film and TV to direct-to-video and manga — compete. Director Kodama Nobuhisa, who is known for his TV programs and direct-to-video works, portrays the bizarre confirmation of love of a married couple in a fascinating film. Shinji (Kawaguchi Takahiro), who wanted to be a writer, impersonates a man by the name of Tokio and sends constant e-mails to his wife Misa (Komatsu Miyuki). Misa eventually succumbs to his passionate e-mail advances, and decides to meet him under the condition that she does so blindfolded.

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