Groper Train : The Search for the Black Pearl 1984

Groper Train : The Search for the Black Pearl 1984

Directed by: Yôjirô Takita

Actors: Yukijirô Hotaru, Shûji Kataoka and Kaoru Kaze

Country: Japan

Also known as: 痴漢電車 下着検札, Chikan densha: Shitagi kensatsu, Molester Train: Underwear Inspection


In 1934, the world’s largest black colored pearl disappears. Many years later on the world famous detective Ippei uses the final terms of a dying veteran, who reported to understand its whereabouts, to monitor it down. Those final terms are ‘Pussy Print!’

This movie is my many favorite flick from Yojiro Takita. Evidently, it’s Naoto Takenaka’s first look in theatrical films. He functions as a Japanese novelist “Seicho Matsuki” and Japanese actor “Yusaku (maybe Matsuda)” in this movie. Additionally, enjoy Takita’s great unique Effects of stopmotion animation at the closing sequence. Tokusatsu fans! Never ever miss out on this concealed treasure!

Well, although the screenshots under are pretty a great deal all about sex scenes (as well as the film has lots of them), it also has a coherent story, which mainly deals with looking for a black colored pearl. And Yôjirô Takita succeeds in combining the sex w/ the tale, in a hilarious but also imaginative method.

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