Convent Rope Hell AKA Shuudôjo nawa jigoku 1984

Convent Rope Hell AKA Shuudôjo nawa jigoku 1984

Directed by: Katsuhiko Fujii

Actors: Maya Ito, Asami Ogawa, Miki Takakura, Hiroshi Unayama

Country: Japan

Also known as: Dan Oniroku: Shuudôjo nawa jigoku

Description: For all you nunsploitation lovers out there, here is an upgrade to the classic Nikkatsu Roman Porno film “Dan Oniroku: Convent Rope Hell”. There is no need to write a synopsis here because the following screenshots say it all. In Japanese, with Chinese subs. It’s subbed but that doesn’t detract from the viewing experience. Also the rip is slightly undersized for a 60 minute movie but the quality is definatley watchable and good enough to be shared. Reminds alot of School of the Holy Beast and Wet & Rope.

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