Rope Cosmetology 1978

Rope Cosmetology 1978

Title: Rope Cosmetology
AKA: Dan Oniroku: Nawa-geshô
Genre: Drama , Erotic
Director: Shôgorô Nishimura
IMDB Link:

Naomi Tani
Aoi Nakajima
Tayori Hinatsu
Akira Takahashi

Nikkatsu Romano Porno starring Naomi Tani. In this one she plays a bored and sexually frustrated housewife who runs into an old friend whose husband is an artist specializing in paintings of women in bondage. The plot unfolds just as you’d imagine, only with more (simulated) dog on woman sex than usual. This is not a good movie for sensitive souls. However perverse the film is, though, its “message” is essentially conservative, as Tani and her husband gain a new appreciation of one another through candles, crucifixion, and canine play. S/M is a sort of couple’s therapy, and their marriage is saved. Would Dr. Phil approve?

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