SM Hunter: Wife to Be Molested 1987

SM Hunter: Wife to Be Molested 1987

Directed by: Shûji Kataoka

Actors: Rena Hatta, Sayaka Hitomi, Junko Kawakami and Shihori Nagasaka

Country: Japan

Also known as: Dan Oniroku: Hitoduma naburi

Description: This one stars dexterous Shihori Na gasaka, from Masaru Konuma’s Woman In A Box 2 (1986) and Erotic Seduction: Flesh Bondage (1987), in a contrived tale of corpo rate decadence and barbaric behavior. She plays the wife of an up and coming executive who must succumb to the animalistic cravings of the board of directors to protect her husband’s position in the company.

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