Stray Cat Rock Sex Hunter 1970

Stray Cat Rock Sex Hunter 1970

AKA: 野良猫ロック セックスハンター

Director: Yasuharu Hasebe
Writers: Yasuharu Hasebe, Atsushi Yamatoya
Genre: Exploitation / Action
Release Date: 1 September 1970
Country: Japan
Source: Arrow Video UK Stray Cat Rock Collection (My own disc for once)

Synopsis: Mako and her girl gang gets involved in a dispute with rival street gangsters The Eagles, a band of racist macho pigs led by the evil Baron, who hate half-breeds (descendants of afro-American and Japanese couples). When one of the girls start dating a half-breed, they start a terror campaign to take all of them out of town. Mako and her gang fights back, helping their new friend Kazuma find his long gone sister.

Uploader’s Comments: Hasebe’s back in the director’s chair, as is the bleak and exploitative themes. This feels like the most polished entry in the series, having a decent script and dealing with racial issues in a surprisingly competent way (at least for this kind of film). Hasebe has also included some really stylish sequences, with the knife fight in the beginning being one of the highlights.

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