Beautiful Teacher in Torture 1985

Beautiful Teacher in Torture 1985

Cast: Ran Masaki; Izumi Shima; Saori Mizuno
Directed: Masahito Segawa
Also Known As: Beautiful Teacher in Torture 1985

This is one of those much sought after pinku torture ones. It’s almost unfindable and it clocks in at 65 minutes (my version). You can’t notice that this film is already more then 20 years old, the photography is sublime and the acting is also well done. It’s all about revenge but halfway the movie the revenge has gone into bondage and rape to make the beautiful teacher suffer for her prides and her beauty, they will make her a whore. Strange for Japanese films is always the fact that they blur the private parts. You can torture someone full screen but private parts, oh no. In this movie the blurring isn’t annoying. Some scene’s made me think of Entrails Of A Virgin although that one is more explicit. Anyway, weird that Beautiful Teacher isn’t available anymore, try to catch a copy.

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