Big Boobs Buster (1990)

Big Boobs Buster (1990)

Directed by: Hisashi Watanabe

Actors: Masakazu Arai, Jessica Calvello, Shannon Conley

Language: Japanese (English hardsubbed)

Country: Japan

Also known as:


Rejected by would-be lover Bando (Masakazu Arai) because he “hates flat-chested women,” high school student Masako (Harumi Kai) decides to enact revenge on behalf of her fellow “washboards.” Adopting a superheroine guise, she captures various large-breasted students, makes silicone moulds of their chests, and threatens to parade the mould in front of the whole town, unless they “stop seducing guys with those giant boobs!” After two successful missions (which the victims do not report to the authorities because, well, they rather enjoyed it), Masako almost meets her match when confronted by an opponent (Marina Matsumoto) sporting a metal bra. Yes, yes, I know, you’ve seen it all before, but her next target (Uran Hirosaki) reacts in an unexpected way: she comes on to Masako. But is sex what this most unusual girl really wants?

Writer/director Hisashi Watanabe indulges in the usual schoolgirl fetish material, and while none of it is the least bit PC, the tone is still disarmingly silly and playful. Perennial villain Eisei Amamoto (probably best known in the West for playing the evil Dr. Who in KING KONG ESCAPES) shows up periodically as an aged hentai who likes to spy on the girls change room and even his character is meant to be loveable! The engagingly odd first half of this very short (45 minutes) production leaves one wondering just what strange avenues the story will take next, but the emphasis promptly switches to the local track meet (if Masako fills in for another contestant and wins the race, she will be allowed to use her silicone gun on the other girls). We get all of the usual training and “big day” cliches, instead of the scenes we really want to see, like how the locals are reacting to all of this strangeness, not to mention the expected chagrin of Masako’s parents (they conclude that it is merely a phase she’s going through). At any rate, the girls are cute, it’s over before you know it, and the DVD will look great on your shelf sandwiched between BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ and THE BIRTH OF A NATION.

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