Terminatrix 1995

Terminatrix 1995

Directed by: Mikio Hirota

Actors: Yuuki Fujisawa, Saeko Ichijou, Kei Mizutani

Language: Japanese | English (English Subtitles)

Country: Japan

Also known as: Mizutani Kei: Insatsu no toriko

Description: Japanese sex kitten Kei Mizutani, star of Sumo Vixens, Weather Woman and Undressed for Success, tries to save us from a sexless future existence. Yay!

The AI sends the Terminatrix back in time to find the father of the chick who leads the orgy resistance. The foxy fembot has the ability to make guys impotent by fucking them and breaking their dicks off. Kei is a human sent back to save those dicks and destroy the Terminatrix.

“In the future, an evil artificial intelligence has taken over the human race, and sex is fully regulated to stop overpopulation. But one woman, seeing the injustice in this system, rebels and starts the resistance by convincing everyone to have massive orgies of their own free choosing.” Yay!

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