I Was A Teenage Ninja 2006

I Was A Teenage Ninja 2006

It’s hard enough being a teenager, but being a 19 year old ninja with an impossible assignment is even worse! Unfortunately for Sora, she is and she’s got one… impossible mission that is. As Japan is torn apart by warring factions, it falls … Full Descriptionupon the master assassins to carry out the tasks at which even great armies have failed. There just aren’t enough ninja to go around, so when a plot to eliminate a rising shaman becomes known, the ninja who gets dropped into the frying tempura batter is Sora. Sora may not know which end of a ninjaken to stick her sheath on, but she’s young, willing and her skills at seduction are just fine! Famed AV girl Saki Ninomiya gives it all she’s got in I WAS A TEENAGE NINJA!
Mighty Japan is ravaged by internecine warfare. Lovely Sora, a 19-year-old novice ninja, gets an assignment to foil an assassination plot that even a veteran could hardly handle. AV girl Saki Ninomiya kicks butt in this thrilling action-adventure

Directed by:Yoshikazu Kato
Genre:Adventure Fantasy

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