Time Adventure : 5 Seconds Till Climax 1986

Time Adventure : 5 Seconds Till Climax 1986

Directed by: Yôjirô Takita

Actors: Kozue Tanaka, Kaori Sugita, Yukijirô Hotaru

Language: Japanese (French and English Subs)

Country: Japan

Also known as: Taimu abanchûru: Zecchô 5-byô mae, Taimu abanchûru: Zecchô go-byô mae

Description:A clever sci-fi sex comedy, Kozue Tanaka plays a time-traveler that journeys to your year 2001 exactly where she gets taking part in a smorgashord of sexual adventures and strange circumstances. The Reason Why 2001? I suspects the director Yojiro Takita is a lover of Stanley Kubrick cuz the film definitely pays homage to 2001 a room Odyssey and perhaps additionally A Clockwork Orange. Anyhow, soft-core porn apart, we believe it’s a fascinating hope and film you will enjoy it.

Yojiro Takita initially arrived to prominence with the long-running, popular light-comic red movie Molester’s Train (Chikan densha) series. His 1986 conventional comedy, No More Comic mags! received vital praise, in which he has created several popular movies since then. Yomiuri Shimbun writes that Takita’s movies generally have actually, “a cozy tenderness, showing his bright and upbeat personality.”

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