Ninja Vixens Demonic Sacrifices 2007

Ninja Vixens Demonic Sacrifices 2007

Directed: Shuichi Kouyama
Genre: Ninjas, Action, Erotica, Foreign
Runtime: 83 min
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Cast: Mio Fukumizu, Daisuke Tsuchiya, Mai Yoshikawa
Imdb: N/A

Synopsis / Plot / Review

Exiled Lord Yukinaga is betrayed by a ninja clan he and his family mercilessly killed in cold blood. But when the Lord’s subordinate, a beautiful ninja Firefly, discovers the slain bodies, she uses the Sword of Deus to review Yukinaga – only to find the former Lord has become a demonic emissary of evil to avenge his death and betrayal! his evil minions pillage Firefly’s gorgeous ninja friends and kill her allies. Can Firefly’s sensual power and stunning body stop the madness?

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