Dump Girl RIO 2011

Dump Girl RIO 2011

Rio is driving her loving dump truck as usual, distressed by the fact that her partner Osamu is into gambling, never paying for anything. What is worse, there is a sign that she is pregnant. One day, Toyama, who is on the wanted list on charge of murder, arrives before Rio. Holding a kitchen knife, he orders her to take him to Yokohama, where his daughter lives. He abandoned her 10 years ago. Rio was freaking out at first, but having told that Toyama is dying of cancer, she tries to help him to meet his daughter.

Directed by…: Ken-ichi Fujiwara
Stars………: Sho Nishino, Seiji Nakamitsu, Asaki Natsukawa
Genres……..: Drama | Erotic | Pinku

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  1. Hello, So many of the new files you are posting seem to working better. Most are now streaming properly. However, some still are not. Like this title. It does not stream. Does not work.

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