Vengeance Demon 1969 aka Fukushûki

Vengeance Demon 1969 aka Fukushûki

A brother and sister live as outcasts from their hamlet due to a belief that mental illness runs in their family. A group of villagers plot to steal their property by beating and hanging the brother and gang-raping the sister. Believing the brother to be dead, scheming to kill the sister, and making both deaths look like accidents… unbeknownst to them, the brother survives and proceeds on a mission to slaughter those responsible in the hamlet.

Directed by…: Kôji Wakamatsu
Stars………: Ken Yoshizawa, Akiko Tsushima, Kaori Aihara
Genres……..: Drama | Pinku
Language……: Japanese
Subtitles…..: English
Country…….: Japan
IMDB Link…..:
Also known as.: Fukushûki

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