The Embryo Hunts in Secret 1966

The Embryo Hunts in Secret 1966

Directed by: Kôji Wakamatsu

Actors: Hatsuo Yamaya and Miharu Shima

Country: Japan

Also known as: Taiji ga mitsuryô suru toki, Embrione, Quand l’embryon part braconner

Description: The film begins simply enough with Yuka, a salesgirl, making out with her manager in the back of his car after a party. After things get a bit heavier, Yuka asks the manager if it would be possible for them to go inside his apartment. Yuka is quite impressed by the apartment, but finds it a bit odd that there is very little décor. Eventually the two begin making out again, but now the manager has become a bit rougher and begins to interrogate the girl concerning such things as how many men she has slept with, she eventually answers maybe seven or eight, and this causes the manager to grow a bit angrier because Yuka is the spitting image of his ex-wife. The manager eventually drugs the girl and beats her with a whip which leaves huge welts on her body. However, being drugged, Yuka eventually passes out and when she wakes the next morning her memories are quite foggy, but soon the pain of last night’s beating flares up. To shut her up, the manager tosses 30,000 yen in front of her. Later, while Yuka straightens her hair, the manager promises her the apartment, etc., but soon his memories flare up again and he beats her with the whip again. He becomes determined to “train” Yuka and make her his “dog” which he repeatedly calls her and forces her to call herself.

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