Sword of Tsubomi 2010 aka Tsubomi Zanma Ken -Shukumei no Kimusume Kenshi-

Sword of Tsubomi 2010 aka Tsubomi Zanma Ken -Shukumei no Kimusume Kenshi-

It’s a sexy costume drama full of action between erotic monsters and a virgin swordswoman. A snake woman, a long-nosed goblin, and skeleton ninja: The sword of the virgin slashes sensual monsters!
In the Edo Period, repressed sensual monsters have revived one after another, and attacked people. Born as the 15th magical swordswoman, Beni Tsubomi is destined to clean up these monsters. Only she can handle the magical sword handed down in the Benis for that job, and therefore, her “chastity loincloth” is shielded. But she’s usually an ordinary 18-year-old girl. While undergoing training at Beni Dojo under her grandfather, Genjiro, as a master, she’s beloved as the idol of the dojo by the trainees. One day, a young man named Nagata comes to join the dojo. With his handsome looks and superb swordsmanship, Tsubomi’s heart pounds. But he really is a long-nosed goblin that tries to seduce her and steal her virginity to eliminate the power of her magical sword. The furious battle between Tsubomi and the sexy monsters has begun!

Directed by…: Kenji Araki
Stars………: Megu Fujiura, Amame Tsukishima, Shijimi, Makoto Nakayama, Shinji Ozeki

Also known as.: Tsubomi Zanma Ken -Shukumei no Kimusume Kenshi-
つぼみ斬魔剣 宿命の生娘剣士

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